Each ritual starts from a clear intention, for instance creating connections or confirming a transition to a new life phase. A ritual is a process in which participants are involved in a series of acts or experiences that can be verbal or non-verbal. Symbols and metaphors give expression to the intention of the ritual by means of objects, words, spatial arrangements, experience of time.

In order to work, a ritual needs to be truly experienced. Therefore, the guides of the ritual create a time/space that is different from what we are used to, which brings past-present-future together in a timeless sacred moment, creating a deeper meaning that is supported by a group of people. This implies that a ritual, however short or long, can bring about deeper meaning, connection, engagement and transformation.

How do we shape new rituals?

When we create new rituals in an organisational context, we do not have fixed symbols at hand (like for instance in a specific culture or religion). This is why we shape a ritual in co-creation with those concerned.

I like to refer to the network  Corporate Rituals  of which I am an active member. Below you will find the testimony of one of our clients: 

“For the lustrum edition of the Day of the Migrant, themed “Philosophy and spirituality in the working space”, we called on the people of Corporate Rituals. From the start they involved us in the intense and inspirational co-creation of the ritual so that its support and scope were strengthened. Their professional and participative approach ended in a wonderful collaboration that led to a beautiful connecting ritual, which arched like a rainbow across the day and the different philosophies. An absolute added value!”
~ Gert Tielemans

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