From time immemorial labyrinths have been constructed. What is special, is that you find them all over the world. It seems to be an archetypical form that responds to a deep human need. You also often find them in special places that seem to have a specific energy.

Do not confuse a labyrinth with a maze. The latter has dead-end passages and is a game. This is not the case with a labyrinth where you follow the passages to the centre and back. Typical mazes also have high walls, often made by hedges. With labyrinths we always see a pattern on the ground of hardly a stone high. To summarise you could say “in a maze you get lost, in a labyrinth you find yourself”.

The labyrinth pattern has been walked by millions of people throughout the centuries, and throughout all kinds of cultures and traditions, and for different reasons. I usually offer it as an element within the bigger picture. For instance during a workshop or a multi-day event where other ritual elements are used. But other options are also possible.

The labyrinth is a special place that is ideal to reflect, to look inward, to meditate, to question your behaviour. The rhythm of walking, putting one foot in front of the other, empties the head, relaxes the body and clarifies the mind.

I do not only guide labyrinth meditations, I also like constructing a classic labyrinth with 7 paths myself. Depending on the space and the available budget, I use different materials. The labyrinths I build are always temporary constructions.

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