Coaching of teams and groups

Coaching of teams and groups

These groups are composed of persons who know each other already, mostly in a professional context. These are typically teams within different levels of companies or organisations.

In most cases team coaching is directed towards a specific question – improving group dynamics, solving conflicts, increasing efficiency, developing common vision, etc.  Therefore, the offer, the format, the duration and the frequency are tailor made, and so is the budget.

When coaching teams and groups I take a systemic approach and use tools and methods that are closely related. More specifically, I am a strong advocate fort the use of The Leadership Circle ProfileTM . This is unique among the 360 degree tools that measure leadership. It shows the relationship between behavioural patterns and internal assumptions that drive behaviour. This gives you insight into the levers for change, which can be used for individual assessments, but also for teams and groups.

The Collective Leadership CircleTM is an effective litmus test for a team or organizational culture. This assessment brings valuable data to light; it provides insight into how people see their current culture and compares that reality with the optimal culture they would like to see. The 'gap' between the information about the current culture and the desired outcome makes important opportunities for team and culture development visible at a glance.

The use of the Collective Leadership Circle promotes willingness to change at group level and measures the impact of assumptions, beliefs and behaviour on culture.

If wanted or useful – for instance with larger groups – I work in partnership with a fellow coach for this type of intervention. I can fall back on numerous networks of which I am a member (see partnerships).

If useful or needed, individual assessments of team members or individual coaching sessions can also be provided.

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