Don’t make change too complicated. Just begin.

14 June 2018

Don’t make change too complicated. Just begin.

This quote is made for me. Taking action is so natural to me that I do not even notice this talent anymore. I need others to tell me that this is typically me. I love giving my all, being able to see something progress, take form and get done.

Loose ends do not work for me. I get restless and discouraged when something stays unfinished for a long time. Or when a state of deconstruction takes too long. I wrote about this in April, in ‘Lost in deconstruction’.

In the meantime the state of the garden is the living result of my taking action - I can safely say ‘our’ taking action as my husband suffers from the same trait. We both like getting things done!

I also notice that the process of becoming gives more information on how to continue something. It is often a matter of taking the first step when you long for something. Once you take that step, the rest will follow, almost without effort.

Or as Goethe wrote: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” I can only confirm those wise words.

See you next time!

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