I like to collaborate with the following trusted partners


They are experts in participation and stakeholder management

By using co-creative approaches, Levuur offers answers to societal questions and guides complex change processes that impact our future.

More information on their website (in Dutch)


We are12 senior coaches with an expertise in a varied landscape of the coaching field. We support and advance growth in individuals, groups and organisations. 

Because we strongly believe in the power of collaboration, we created a network amongst us and together with Levuur . This enables us to answer requests and needs from clients in a more flexible way and to develop an offer which is tailor-made to the questions and needs of the client.

Together we have more then  144 years of coaching experience.

For more information click HERE (in Dutch)


Corporate Rituals is a network of coaches, process managers and consultants who integrate rituals and ancient wisdom in the process of team and organisational development in a respectful and meaningful way.

More information on the website  of Corporate Rituals  (presently only in Dutch ).‚Äč

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