Insight and action

Insight and action

At some point every person longs for a change in his or her life. Big or small changes, professional changes. Or dreams that you want to achieve in your free time. Or both.

In the course of the past years I have noticed people usually deal with this in one of the following two ways.

Some will give it a lot of thought, read numerous books and articles, follow courses and webinars and finally have a very clear view on what that change should look like... in their minds. And in the end they do not take action.

It is as if the more you gain insight and information, the more daunting it becomes to take the leap to action.

Others are more action-minded, impatient at times. As soon as they feel something needs to change, they take action, impulsively. This has its merits, as taking action can also give information about the direction and whether it feels wrong or right.

But it can also be very time-consuming and make you run into a wall, leaving you discouraged or exhausted.

Insight without action is as fruitless as action without insight.

During a coaching process we ensure a fruitful connection between both. First we gain insights on who you are and what you really long for in life and work. But also on where you limit yourself constantly or prove to be your own worst enemy. As if you simultaneously push the throttle and brake.

Together we identify small or bigger actions that you can take based on these insights. Taking those actions will often feel very exciting as they are outside of your comfort zone. But only then will you really learn and make fundamental changes to your mindset.

At these moments you will have a coach by your side, who will support and challenge you if you wish, and with whom you can celebrate your victories.

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