The person, not the problem

During coaching sessions people often bring up an issue or a situation they experience as problematic.

It is very tempting to concentrate on the problem, to dissect it, to see what is wrong, to look for a solution and apply it. As if we are a machine that is broken and replacing a part will solve everything.

It is very human to ‘help’ in that way. But when you are on the receiving end, you will have experienced that this does not help at all, quite the contrary. We often feel resistance when others try to fix us.

During a coaching session the problem you bring to the table may be the starting point but not the focus.Through the problem we quickly go to who is behind it, you, the person. We become very curious to what it is about this problem that is so important to you. What your view on it is.

Together we explore creatively whether other attitudes are possible.

Your perspective broadens and you notice that you have the solution for your so-called problem. Or it may turn out that it is not a problem at all, but an opportunity.
The person, not the problem

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