to do and to be

We are often judged by our actions, by what we do, what we accomplish, what is visible as a result of our actions. This starts early on, in school. Report cards and grades are the measure of success.

Everything has to move forward, always more, always faster and always better.

When we meet someone, the first question is often ‘so what do you do in life?’

This is normal of course. All this doing has brought us a long way. But the scales often seem tipped. All this doing can be exhausting. Ironically it can leave you with an empty and unsatisfied feeling.

During a coaching session we become very curious about who you ‘are’ as a person, rather that what you do. What your personal values are, what your strengths and qualities are, what drives you, what you really want in life, what makes you happy.

But also what irritates you to no end, what your limiting patterns and sabotaging thoughts are. Light and shadow of the person you are and can be.

We look for the balance between your doing and being, for an answer to the question ‘who are you while you do?’
to do and to be

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