You’re in your element leading a group or a team

  • You are someone who naturally develops teams and people.
  • For you, the way to results is to get your people on board, so you invest in relationships.
  • In doing so, you never lose sight of the bigger picture and meaning. You are committed both in your professional and personal life.

And yet, as a leader, you often hit your limits

  • How you used to do things effortlessly, now seems more and more difficult.
  • You experience a growing complexity and speed, and it takes a lot of effort to keep up. It is exhausting.
  • Despite all the efforts you make to broaden your insights and learn more, it feels as if your internal system is grinding to a halt. As if you make yourself immune to the change that is needed.

Your thoughts keep going round in circles and you see no progress despite all the steps you take. You may be reading a lot about this or taking certain courses - for example, to learn how to delegate or to learn how to meditate so you can "let go" - and yet those insights don't really seem to help to move that system of yours.

I have good news for you! There is indeed a way to unblock your system so that your leadership becomes effortless once again.


During this journey, I will accompany you during five months. Together we will explore every corner of your unique system and discover your hidden qualities.

We shine our light on the inevitable blind spots by asking feedback from a diverse group of people who have a good view on you and how you stand in your leadership

I let you experience that not only your thinking brain but also your gut and your heart can give you unexpected information. You will not only be able to describe your change goal rationally, but you will also be able to feel it in every fibre of your being

You will get a very haunting look at how you have made yourself immune to the change you so desire

I am by your side, your compass, your biggest supporter. If it helps, I will challenge you to get out of that often uncomfortable comfort zone so that you take action. Very important: you will choose your actions and you will always be the captain at the helm of your journey.

In those actions, you begin to examine and test your big assumptions. And precisely because you are now joining insights to lived action - experientially - your immune system can finally start to move.

Lasting results occur when you build in new habits and the new behaviour is acquired

‘Along the way’ – if that's your cup of tea- I'll feed your spiritual self with appropriate pieces of poetry

During a more difficult period in at work, the coaching process with Anne has significantly helped me to turn a number of disappointments and missed opportunities into new opportunities and possibilities. Especially the 'immunity to change' model, in which a number of deep-rooted assumptions were exposed that prevented me from learning new things and behaviour and realizing changes in my professional life, has been a real eye opener for me. The coaching not only taught me a lot about myself. Thanks to our fascinating conversations, which very often ended with additional tips and suggestions from Anne to useful websites and further reading, I was also introduced to a number of interesting models and visions about social trends and tendencies that I will certainly be able to use in my job.

 Hilde V  – team leader

I am Anne, soulful inspirator of Momentum Coaching.

I get energy from doing things that matter. Of thoroughness and solidity. And of taking inspired action to realise this, preferably together with like-minded people. I also experience great satisfaction when my actions and thoroughness are meaningful for others and when they are leverage.

I love to go to the heart of the matter, to where real and lasting change can occur. Over the years, I have experienced that real transformation does not happen in the purely mental domain. It happens when you leave your comfort zone in order to gain new experiences, to experience the accompanying emotions in an embodied way.

Based on the realisation that an organisation cannot perform at a higher level than the level of awareness of its leaders, I now focus mainly on leadership development.

We also live in an increasingly complex reality. When we experience the world as 'too complex', we are not just experiencing the complexity of the world. We experience a discrepancy between the world's complexity and our own. There is only one successful way to resolve this discrepancy - to increase our own complexity.

Increasing internal complexity is about our internal structure, about how we make sense of the world, our level of self-awareness, the mental models we use, values, beliefs and assumptions that shape our identity. This is the area I love to work in, which can lead to sustainable change and which leadership development should be about.

The journey 'Dancing with Complexity & Chaos' is based on

-- my personally lived expertise: I have applied all this to myself and continue to gain experience first hand' I therefore know what I am talking about!

 -- The wealth of knowledge I have gained and continue to gain about this fascinating field of development through training, certification, self-study and exchanges with other coaches around the world; I, too, continue to do 'my work'.

-- my years of experience as a team and business leader in a number of contexts


What do you get?

  • During five months, you can book up to eight 90-minute coaching sessions.
  • The core and basis of this programme is a 360° Leadership Circle Profile assessment*. This is included in the journey.
  • After your profile has been generated, an in-depth debriefing session follows (1 of the 8 sessions) in which you literally step into your profile. This provides essential insights.
  • The insights point to your change goal with which we will start working according to the 'Immunity to Change' model.
  • You will receive a template and workbook in which you can record your insights and progress step by step.
  • Finally, you will receive the steps and guidelines to set up, carry out and evaluate your tests (the action phase).
  • In between sessions, you can always contact me for feedback and advice. I will always respond within 24 hours.

* The Leadership Circle Profile is the only tool that measures the two primary leadership dimensions - Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies - and integrates this information in such a way that crucial development opportunities immediately surface. Learn more at https://leadershipcircle.com 

What does it cost?

The investment for the programme is 2.750,00 euro including all materials and the 360° feedback assessment from The Leadership Circle Profile (price excl. VAT).

It is possible to pay this amount in 5 instalments of 550.00 euro (excl VAT).

This journey is usually offered online. If you prefer offline coaching (or a combination of online and offline), this is possible. Coaching can take place in my coaching space in Leuven. When I have to travel, I charge travel costs and time.

For whom?

This is a leadership journey and is therefore ideally suited to people who are in a leadership position, who manage a team or who run a business (even a one-man or woman business).

The clients with whom I have the best match are highly motivated to bring about change in their lives and/or work and are willing to invest the necessary time and effort in this.

It is important that you have the willingness to do ‘your work’, to look at your own behaviour, and to take responsibility for your life and your role in the world.

What I offer may not be for everyone. It requires effort, commitment and courage - and sometimes some painful moments but also a lot of fun, aha moments and pure happiness.

 What you acquire step by step through this process

Know thyself
> You now understand and feel what your personal values are
> You can see much more clearly what your strengths are, as well as your pitfalls and challenges, and you are acquiring tools to deal with these more consciously
> You can recognise each member of the chorus of your saboteurs, you know which of them plays tricks on you and you begin to experience how you can stay out of their grip

What others see
> You get to know in detail what kind of leader others see in you, what they appreciate and where they want more for you
> You get a real feel for your creative leadership competencies - what you are already strong at - but also where you still feel stuck - your reactive tendencies.
> gradually you gain clarity about the personal 'work' you have to do

What's your work?
> You have identified the one domain that will have the greatest leverage on your development as a leader.
> You have made an honest diagnosis of all the behaviours that you use to thwart your own change goal.

Your immunity

> You have dug deep to uncover older convictions
> In doing so, you have made your unconscious, competing goals conscious and visible, a crucial step in your process

Your big assumptions
> You have identified the underlying major assumptions that unknowingly perpetuate your competing goals
> You have gained insight into where you stand with one foot on the throttle and the other on the brake -- your immunity scan is ready to be tested

Start testing
> Now you are going into action to test your most powerful assumptions in real situations
> At the end of this module, you will have gathered information about these assumptions: are they always true, sometimes or never?
> By going into action - experientially - your system slowly starts to get unblocked, test after test: you become aware that what used to be stuck starts to move

> You have developed a number of practices that will further support you in moving from being consciously immune to unconsciously immune so that you no longer have to think about it; it is becoming acquired
> time to start thinking about the next leadership challenge: you have a taste for it now
> complexity and chaos have become your preferential dance partners

Click on the link below ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about this journey. If you still have other questions, I can answer them in person during an intake interview (see below).


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Anne has a very holistic view on coaching and approaches you as a person who is motivated by the mind, heart and gut. Her erudition and vast experience immediately made me feel confident that I was in good hands. Anne listens with a very open mind, without prejudice, which makes it natural for you to open up. She succeeded in putting me (back) in touch with my personal values, and to realistically integrate them in my daily life, both on a personal and professional level. The coaching sessions gave me a view on the professional path I want to follow, but also very useful tools to shape these changes.

 Evy P.educational expert 


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